Friday, January 08, 2016

Hitching Along

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

One of the oddest comic strips ever, Alfred was a sad sack type of humor strip which seems to have been based on an earlier cartoon panel series by the same name in Collier's. The cartoon panel featured the same character drawn in the same style, but here he was a navy man and he was drawn by a completely different artist. And to make it even odder, the character seems to have been based in looks and name of British director Alfred Hitchcock, who was a known figure by in the US during the war years - but since television was still in it's cradle, his actual looks can't have been known enough to make this a parody. I think the artists just like his sad, Buster Keaton like looks and thought it was unknown enough to even use his first name. The gags itself are othing special, a bit like the silent figure of Louie, only with words. Like Louie, he seems to have made a living selling goods from door to door. These samples are my own, a ful month scanned from a newspaper book I am currently selling on Ebay.

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