Saturday, January 30, 2016

Pictorial Delight

Saturday Leftover Day.

Damon Runyon is one of America's great light novelists of the middle of the last century. He is of course best know for his stories about sportsmen and loveable criminals, bt he also wrote about normal families. The early fifties book The Turps collected all the various short stories he had written about the Turp familily, starting from the late thirties and even including some unpublished ones. I bet these short stories done for King Features weekly Pictorial Review were included, although I am pretty sure the illustrations by Abner Bean weren't. I hope I have made the scans big enough for you to read the stories as well as look at them. These are from the Boston version of PR. Apparently papers were allowed to make their own selection of illustrated columns in this very exciting weekly (that unfortunately was squeezed out of the recent book celebration 100 years of King Features strips).

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