Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sixteen Sweet Pages

Saturday Leftover Day.

Followers of this blog know of my love for Milt Caniff inspired artists. There are many, some of which actually worked as Caniff's assistants and kept on the style, such as Ray Bailey and Charles Raab. Bailey created his own newspaper strips Bruce Gentry and Tom Corbett, which I have shown here and went into comics after that. Charles Raab took over Patsy in Hollywood from Mel Graff and notoriously was helped by Noel Sickles on some of his run. Sickles involvement in the strip has even cast some doubt as to the true takents of Raab, with some people saying he was not a great artist at all, just a patsy (pun not intended but gladly accepted). Curious what the talent of Raab was, I looked up some of his comic book work and was unimpressed. What I saw of his work looked rushed and lacked the lush look of the Caniff style. But this week, a new issue of Toby Press' Sweet Sixteen was shared at the digital comic book museum and in it I found this adventure strip, called Dorothy Dare, a sort of grown-up version of Patsy, now working as a stuntgirl in movies. Although it is unsigned this seems to me to be the work of Raab, wich many of the figures and the staging similar to those in Patsy. Only four of the ten issues of Sweet Sixteen have been collected at the DCM, but I will be on the lookout for more.

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