Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hurray For Dawn O'Day

Saturday Leftover Day.

Last thursday I showed a Big Ben Bolt dailey lementing the fact that I haven't got enough samples to show you longer readable storylines of it. Here is a strip I do have more of. In fact, I have most of the first two years of Val Heinz' Dawn O'Day. It just takes me a while to scan and clean them all. So this installment of the funny Hollywood strip follows earlier posts I have done and will be followed by more. If yu do go back, you'll see how Val Heinz developed his Milt Caniff inpspired style over the first year.


alan geez said...

Thanks Ger,
I have really enjoyed these last
Three posts. I learn so much
Reading your blog.
Keep up the good work.

Arnaud said...

Funny that the last pages show some George Wunder-type close ups, who also started as a Caniff-imitator and then gradually developed his own style.