Sunday, March 13, 2016

All Kida Aside

Saturday Leftover Day.

In the recent issue of Alter Ego, Roy Thomas magazine about comics and superheroes from the old days, the obituary of old time artist Fred Kida had a surprise for me. Even though I know a lot of Mr. Kida's work from the forties and fifties into the seventies and eighties, apparently he also did some features for the scouting magazine Boy's Life. I a couple of years ago I bought a shipload (it was so much it literally had to be shipped to me by boat) starting in 1952, the year that their famous Johnstone and Cushing produced comic section started. The few issues I had from early 1952 made me think that before that their comic content was not interesting. Since then, all of Boy's Life century long run has been made available on Google Books, so I could go online and look for whatever I may have missed. Out of that came this long run of Fred Kida features, including the start of Boy's Life long running Scouts in Action series. The first story may or may not be by Kida, by the way. I think it is, but if not it sure is pretty.

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