Sunday, March 20, 2016


Saturdy Leftover Day.

After doing Hey Look for most of the post war period, Harvey Kurtzman was asked to do something a bit more commercial. He was offered the Rusty Book with a new twist: it weas going to be written by Stan Lee and drawn in a style similar to the succesful Blondie strip. Kurtzman, who already was unable to make anything look unexciting, di his best. But somehow the character, the writer and the artist didn't click. Al Jaffee took over for the remaining stories (as I have shown before). I had only one of the two issues of this reincarnation of Blondie by Harvey and Stanley, but found the second one online so I am able to share it now. The most exciting part for me is the activities page, where Kurtzman shows his cartoon and design skills quite ably.


Bill Morrison said...

Hi Ger! I need some info on Al Jaffee very quickly and the e-mail address I have for you seems to be out of date. Will you please contact me?
Thanks! - Bill Morrison

Ger Apeldoorn said...

It's the same name but now at upcmail dot nl. I mailed you as well.

Bill Morrison said...

Hi Ger,
I tried but it bounced back. I must have got it wrong somehow. Can you e-mail me directly at