Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Monday Cartoon Day.

Despite the fact that American Legion was an ultra rightwing magazine aimed at WWII veterans, which seemed to pave the way to the repressive McCarthyism of the fifties, I really love going through their monthly magazines in from 1948 to 1952, since they used many of my favorite cartoonists. Including quite a few liberal New York Jews, who didn't mind where they were published as long as it paid. Or at least,m that's what Jack Mendelsohn told me. In this lot you'll find Hank Ketcham, Dave Garard, Reamer Keller, Henry Boltinoff, Jack Mendelsohn and Disney gag writer Roy Williams. As a bonus there is an early cartoon journalism sample by Michael Berry (who did more of this sort of thematic spreads in the fifties, long before 'comic journalism' became a thing) and a full page illustrated feature by Otto Soglow. The only one missing is Mort Walker and that is because I have already shown all of his contributions.

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