Saturday, April 23, 2016

Duck Rabbit, Duck

Friday Comic Book Day.

It's been a while since I last showed some work by wonky cartoonist Irv Spector. After sharing a couple of Coogy Sundays and some of his earliest and latest comic book work, I ran out of stuff and thought I might have exhausted the well. This week, the Digital Comic Museum upload two more issues of Standard's Lucky Duck, both with many Spector stoies. Best know for his later work as a storyboarder for television cartoons, his work from the fifties has a remarkable weirdness. No wonder many of the more offbeat animators of the last few decades (including John Kricfalusi) admire his work. It has a touch of Walt Kelly, mixed with a little bit of Harvey Kurtzman and a dollop of Virgil Partch. If you haven't seen Coogy, follow the link below and join me in championing a complete reedition of that masterpiece. Or just enjoy these stories.

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