Friday, April 01, 2016

Lone Starr Comics

Saturday Leftover Day.

One of the most interesting news paper artists of the fifties and sixties had an impressive career as a comic book artists a decade earlier. Leonard Starr (of On Stage with Mary Perkins) drew loads of comic strips for several companies between 1947 and 1952 and I strongly suspect he inked a couple of others as well. I never knew is were so until I read the multi part interview with Starr in Alter Ego and ever since then I have been finding more among some of the more oscure publishers as well. The biggest company he worked for (the only one that fitted his talent) was DC, where he did western, romance and science fiction/horror. Here he turn up in a rarely seen adventure romance series from St.John. He is in issue #1 with two stories and we see him again in #2 (which I'll save for another day). In both issues, there are stories by Frank Bolle as well, who often worked together with Starr but at some point went solo.

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