Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Three Faces Of Mort

Sunday Meskin Measures.

What makes Young Brides such a desirable comic book for Mort Meskin collectors is that later in the run he drew so many cover for it, some of them the best he ever did. Here is the cover for #16, followed by two stories from #17. The first seems to be a clear (late) sample of George Roussos inking Meskin, or at least assisting him. Or maybe Meskin tried a lighter touch and Roussos was asked to beef it up. The second one has a couple of very weird faces that make me wonder if it isn't Meskin inking and repairing someone else's poor pencilling job. Anyway, neither have the solid slickness of the cover.

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Jay S. said...

A delight to see to see some "lost" Mort Meskin art. Great style and composition.