Saturday, April 30, 2016

Trip To The Foo

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

Reminded by R. Harvey's excellent article about Bill Holman and his most famous creation Smokey Stover on the Comic Journal website ( that the screwball artist started out with a Elzie Segar inspired cartoon series called The Billville Birds in the twenties, I went and clipped whatever I could find. And that turned out to be quite a lot and very enjoyable too. This may be my favorite Holman strip after Spookey.


The Art of Bob Chambers said...

wow, those ARE really entertaining! hmmm...that duck with a sailor's cap must have "inspired" someone at Disney.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

But he's wearing pants, isn't he?

The Art of Bob Chambers said...

yeah, he's got shoes so it's not a complete rip off, ha ha.

Actually I like Holman's striped sailor suit better than Donald's outfit.

Katherine Collins said...

Even more surprising is the figure of the Little Red Hen, starting in the very first strip. It's the very image of the Hen in the Disney cartoon and comic strip in which Donald first appears. And this is what? More than ten years before the Disney product appeared. I think it's very mysterious!