Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Show Me The Funny

Monday Cartoon Day.

After the war, Mort Walker joined Missouri University to study journalism on the GI Bill. I don't know when he decided he wanted to be a cartoonist, but it was pretty early on. He joined the University's school magazine The Showme and I think he even became the editor. Anyway, his cartoons started appearing in the second half of 1946. He used the magazine as a spingboard for his cartooning career and via the magazine Varsity (which used a lot of University magazine talent and material, he entered the field.

I have been documenting Mort Walker's career as a cartoonist here though any means possible. I have found and bought originals, clipped cartoons from all sorts of onlibe sources, scanned them fro various magazines in my own collection and even worked with the Walker family on their private collection of cartoons and (mainly unsold) originals. I won't stop until I have them all and I am pretty close. Getting a set of Missouri Showme's would make it perfect. Here is one of the early ones. The cover is not his, but I put it with the rest to identify the issue.

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