Thursday, July 28, 2016

Dark Delicacy

Friday Comic Book Day.

This summer I am selling all of my collection of Timely/Atlas war comcis. I have been selling the 70% complete set (compiled ten years ago when I was helping the Atlas Tales website with it's lists) from last year, but the number of war books in the collecion is so big that I am not even halfway through. I am most complete in the early years of the Korean war, 1951/1953, when these books were at their best. Here is a samples from one of the books I sold last week. A great Gene Colan story, that shows the quality of the Atlas books as compared to the war comics done by Quality and DC - most notably that on the while the Quality and DC books are always set during the daytime and for the Atlas books artists such as Russ Heath and Gene Colan were allowed to do dark an dirty work. It also shows one of the problems of Colan's work all through the fifties. Because of his shaded pencil style and his impressionistic inking, many of his stories were hard to color. If tehre is an amateur coloris out there, I would love to provide you with black and white samples of Colan's work that would form a challange but I am sure will look a lot better if it is colored to today's standards.

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