Friday, July 15, 2016

Indiana's Little Sister

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Bob Oksner was talented artist who never seems to have reached the peak of his talent except when he was working in a scaled down version of his own style. In the forties he broke through with a well drawn adventures strip in a mild variation on the Milt Caniff style. From what I have seen the problem with this strip seems to have been that it was with a very small or uninterested syndicate. Every sample I have seen is badly colored, many are in a badly truncated two tier form (the only strip I know that made the two tier version by only dropping the first panel from the three tier and adding two the other two to the rest, creating a very ugle two times five panel grid which could be reprinted smaller than the two times four panel one. I have stated before that I find that almost every strip looks better in the three tier version, which probably is because it breaths air into the strip. This ten panel two tier does just the opposite, as you can see below.

Nevertheless, these strips are highly sough after, which I why I have never bought any. Too expensive for my taste. These samples are all from the backs of other stuff I was scanning. Now i wish I had more, because they do look nice.

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