Monday, August 01, 2016

If You Knew Soozi Like I Know Soozi

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

By all accounts, Soozi was not a succes. Bob Oksner's third (and last) venture into newspaper strip land (as an artist, becaus ehe also wrote Dondi for his friend Irwin hasen) ran only for a short time. In the early fifties, the dizzy girl who is not aware of her own sexuality was as popular stereotype. Most famous of them all was Candy, by Terry Southern, which appeared in 18958 and may have been the inspriration for Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder's Goodman Beaver (which in itself was the basis for their later Candy-clone Little Annie Fanny). But by the end of the sixties the genre had fizzed out and as a newspaper feature Soozi seems nothing more than a lame version of Little Annie Fanny who keeps her clotehs on. The fact that Bob Oksner draws he so beautifully and that her boyfriend looks like a normal versio of Jerry Lewis (which he also drew for DC comcis) didn't help the lame jokes either. But the most important part of the failure must be the fact that Oksner himself hated the strip and wanted out as soon as possible. So, only for the beautiful art of Bob Oksner, here is a selection of Soozi Sundays.

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Manuel Caldas said...

Really beautifull comic and girls! I didn't know it.