Thursday, August 11, 2016

In Like Fflint

Friday Comic Book Day.

I write a comic strip series for the new Dutch quarterly magazine Stripglossy. The art is by is by Fred de Heij, a very talented artist who works in a variety of styles - but always ipressive. He is a fan of Italian and Spanish realistic pulp artists, which also shows in his own Pulpman series. If you like his style, you should look it up, although I must warn you that the content is uncensored and contains both sex and voilence. Llewellyn Fflint is a lot more mainstream, but it still has Fred's edge. Llewellyn Fflint is a Victorian intellectual who works for the British Museum, where he is a librarian. Although he has the brains for it, he clearly did not have the social or financial background to become a proper scientist. Instead he works around the edges, solving mysterious problems with science. Only odd thing is that most of the science he uses seems just as farfetched to us as the mystical solutions. In that respect it reminds me of the television series Fringe, where weird science was often used to explain all sorts of monsters and goings-on.

Llewellyn Fflint was not created by me, it is the creation of the famous (in Europe at least) Spirou editor Yvan Delporte and drawn by one of our country's greatest illustrators and political cartoonists, Peter van Straaten en appeared in the comic weekly Pep in the early seventies. After three eight page stories, van Straaten decided it comics were not for him and the serties was abandonned. I loved the character and the concept so much that I decided to do my own version. For the first story I actually took Deloprte's first and rewrote it as a twelve page story. From the second story I will be writing my own (in fact, I have already written two), but I do not exclude the possibillity that I will adapt the other two as well at some point. It's been fun to do and the (international) reception is great. That is why I can't give you the full tory here. I wouldn't want to hurt any future sales.

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