Saturday, August 13, 2016

Who Are Ya' Gonna Call?

Sunday Meskin Measures.

Today we skip our regular visit to Headline to have a look at one of a few stories Mort Meskin did for DC in the late fifties. This time, it's not one of the 'horror' books but a small, lesser known crime title called Gang Busters. Gang Busters was based on a radio show, but ran a lot longer than that. In fact, I will be showing some of the other stories for the later run on the days after this. In it you will see two by George Roussos, which gives you another look at the difference between Meskin and Roussos' styles - when they were so often lumped together at Prize. I also have a story by Joe Maneely, who was also looking for better paying work at that time and really outdid himself on everything he did for DC.

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