Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Yager Meister

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

I have scanned a few more Orvy Sundays. This early sixties strip by long time Buck Rogers artist Rick Yager has been met with a lot of positive response. I have gathered every episode I have shown sofar to ad to the new ones. There will be a couple more, which I will add as soon as I hae scanned them. Funny enough, most of my samples are from 1960, while the strip seems to have run into May 1962. Allan Holtz devoted a piece to it on the Stripper's Guide and gives the dates as January 3 1960 to January 21 1962 in a very short list of papers. But the May 6 date fits with 1962 and as far as I can see the copyright date is 1962 as well. Anyway, I have taken Allan's Scans as well and added them to this set.

Here is the black and white May 1962 Sunday. Unfortunately I did not make a note of the paper.

The Custer story is from a Britsh reprint and I don't know where it would fit.


Allan Holtz said...

Turns out that Little Orvy ran until 9/30/62. That's when it ended in both the Ogden Standard-Examiner and Provo Herald. The last Sunday is kind of a smart send-off as Orvy promises readers that he will pull off a very convincing disappearing act next week.

--Allan Holtz

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Thanks for the info and all the great work. Is there a digital or online version of your book yet? I keep hauling it around and having to go upstairs when I need it or downstairs when I left it there.

Allan Holtz said...

Delighted to know that you are getting a lot of (literal) mileage out of the book.

A digital/web edition will depend on whether my publisher will allow it. They have right of first refusal on a second edition, so they are sort of in the driver's seat. However, I am definitely all in favor of going digital. I have not yet started discussing this with them, being busy with other projects right now.

Best, Allan