Monday, October 03, 2016

More Than Just Gags

Monday Cartoon Day.

Last week I shared a couple of unseen Mort Walker illustrations from 1000 Jokes. Here are some cartoons of some of my favorite artists from the same Summer 1949 issue and another one.

It includes two more of Don Calhoun's cartoon features, which I think I didn't show before. Calhoun was a very capable cartoonist who went in to advertising (and even wrote a couple of scandalous novels about that. Last time I showed some of his work a relative of his informed me his was in his nineties and still alive. If he is still with us, he would be nearing 100. What is so remarkable about his work is the fact that working in the 'modern' style in the late forties he sometimes seems to resemble Jules Feiffer, about ten year before he developed his satirical style.

Also included are two spreads that seem to go beyond the mere single cartoon format as well. Although some people point to the humor magazines like Hullaballoo in the thirties as precursors to the later Mad magazine, no where the spirit of the later Mad (even more Feldstein's than Kurtzman's) is found in 1000 Jokes in the late forties. With big spreads, conceptual features and stuff like this.  Funny to see that some of these were produced under Mort Walker, who had already shown an aptitude for new formats in his college humor magazine Showme.

Closing off is a cartoon by another later Panic and Lunatickle writer, Jack Mendelsohn.

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