Thursday, November 03, 2016

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

Wednesday Advertising Day.

The smart kids in the class will have seen that I have a new addition to my Amazon links. Yes, it is a link to the page where you can buy my new upcoming book on Mad Magazine imitations from Yoe Books and IDW. 208 pages, hard cover and only $34 (which means it is now $28 at Amazon). Knowing IDW they will allow the print run to be influenced by the presale results, so please go and pre-order yours. It is a labout of love, I have been working on for more than five yers now. A complete overview of all Mad imitations of the late fifties, with 160 of reprint material from the best artists in the bussiness and some that may not be as well know but are certainly just as interesting.

Of course, in making the book I made a lot of scans of pages that didn't make the final cut. I will be sharing some of those here as well as opening a Facebook page for the whole book and subject where I will show probably even more. I do not want to show too many of those yet, because I don;t want to give the impression these will be in the book - and I also can't give away all the rarities that are in there. So you'll just have to wait a bit. If you like this blog, you will love the book. Find u on Facebook and tell everyone Ger Apeldoorn sent you.

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