Sunday, November 06, 2016

An Electric Ride

Sunday Meskin Measures.

Here is the second installment in my complete representation of the General Electric information series, Inside the Atom from 1948. Since the previous one was from 1946, there may have been one in between I have never seen.

For some of the later books, George Roussos used the pencils of some of his collegues (including Mort Meskin). There is nothing to suggest he did not do it all himself here, especially in the figures and faces.


jay said...

I have one of these. Nice to see "Inky" doing the entire job of it, and nicely to :)

Peter Huggan said...

the hillbilly filling his musket with buckshot on page 10 is a weird analogy for something that uses up too much energy...must have been something that related to 1940's audiences.