Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Takling The Spirit Out Of It

Monday Cartoon Day.

Recently, I bought a lot of Philidelphia Record Fun Books which I will be sharing on Mondays over the next few weeks. The Fun Book was an eight page oversized tabloid section, that was folded around an equally oversized version of Will Eisner's The Spirit. It had a couple of syndicated pages (including Mandrake and the games page Fun World), but some of it was done especially by Record staffers, such as Bil Keane. Keane did Silly Philly, Mirth Quakers and quite a lot of covers. Another later famous artist included was Marshall Brickman. I am starting with my earliest, from 194.

I just added the third page, which I had forgotten to scan. Funny to see somehting so similar to the later road maps Bil Keane would use in his Family Circle Sundays,

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