Friday, December 23, 2016


Friday Comic Book Day.

For my upcoming book Behaving Madly, about the Mad magazine imitations of the late fifties (which can be bought on Anazon through the link on the right) I have had to do a lot of art spotting. Credits in these books were rare and more often than not 'funny' rather than 'acurate'. This is no problem if you are dealing with talents such as Joe Kubert, Lee Elias, Ross Andr, Russ Heath, Bob Powell, Mike Sekowsky, Jack Kirby, Jack Davis or Bill Elder (all in the book). But when it comes to Carl Hubbell, or Harry Lazerus or even Carl Burgos it is a lot harder to be sure. One artist who usually signed what he did had the fortune of having a very funny and very identifyable style. Fred Ottenheimer was a contemporary of Bill Elder and Harvey Kurtzman as wel as a friend of Al Jaffee. He never did a lot of comic book work, but I am pretty sure this Fawcett funny filler is by him.

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