Saturday, December 03, 2016

When Johnny Came Home

Friday Comic Book Day.

Johnny Craig was one of the masters of EC. He often wrote his own stories and it showed. Here he is much later in life, working on a Denny O'Neil story in The Witching Hour.  One fo the things of these seventies and eighties DC titles is that they produced so much stuff, that indicidual stories are never remembered.


Diego Cordoba said...

Boy, that was a long story. In EC it wouldn't have been more than 8 pages long, and being a DC story it has a happy ending.

It's funny how 50s artists such as Lee Elias, Frank Robbins and in this case Johnny Craig, all kept drawing in that 50s style even if their work was still being published in the 70s. They never made a more modern stylistic transition change, unlike artists like Wally Wood, Alex Toth or Joe Kubert, to name a few.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Then again, I never liked the 'modern' look of Neal Adams or Carmine Infantino or Jerry Grandietti who let them be influenced by the Spanish/Phillipean school. I like my art cleaner.