Monday, January 02, 2017

A Laugh A Day

Saturday Leftover Day.

In my ungoing struggle to clean up my office I have started selling my issues of 1000 Jokes on Ebay. The first (earliest) lot just finished, but the most interesting lot (in my few) of the middle years are still going now at These issues contain the work of artists such as Hank Ketcham, Jack Mendelsohn, Salo and the magnicisent Al Ross. In 1950 and 1951 Mort Walker was the editor and did a lot of text pieces, some of which I have shown. In preparation for the sale I went through them one last time to see what I had and hadn't scanned and I found a couple of text pieces I had accidentilly skipped and some of his cartoons from later issues. For Mad collectors there is a special treat as well. A lot of the late forties issues have Mad type articles from Chas. Straus and Jack Mendelsohn (who later wrote for EC's Feldstein edited Panic as well as Mad). Later issues will be added in a couple of days and anything unsold will be relisted. Also keep an eye out for the work of Don Calhoun. If you don't know him, follow the link and be prepared to be suprised.

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