Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Condensed Month

Wednesday Illustration Day.

Today's post comes under the heading 'quite interesting'. Although he did the newspaper strips Conny and Rusty Riley, he started as an illustrator and kept that part of his career up while doin gthe strips. In the forties he illustrated many stories for Liberty magazine, some of which I should show some day (probably when I am ready to sell my huge collection). In the early foties he also did stories in the Book of the Month Club illustrated story series. I have three installments in my archives, but there is a lot more. Each story ran for 30 episodes (a month). Alan Holtz assembled a list here: http://strippersguide.blogspot.nl/2007/05/obscurity-of-day-book-of-month.html. Among the artists working on these were Godwin, Montgommery Flagg, Creig Flessle, Harold Foster, Neil O'Keeffe and Jack Betts.


rnigma said...

The idea was tried again in the mid-late '70s with "Best Seller Showcase," adapting popular novels in comic-strip form (such as "Raise the Titanic"). Another book-adaptation comic strip around that time was "Barbara Cartland's Romances." I don't recall the artist; I keep thinking Gray Morrow, or someone who drew like him.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Yes, I believe Barbara Cartland was by Gray Morrow. But the others were all by Frank Bolle, an artist who has his strengths but not in that period and in that series.