Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Wednesday Advertising Day.

Italian comic artist Jacovitti is one of the greatest talents his country ever produced. In a country where all forms of humor seem to be either for Disney or influenced by Disney in some way, he carved a way and a look for himself with a unique style. I came across and read his strips from 1968 to 1974, but he had been going for a long time before that. It wasn't until I looked at his earlier work I saw where he got his inspiration - his unique style was based on his love for the work of Elsie Segar of Popeye fame! Anyway, I got as much of his work as possible (which was not very hard, because a lot of it was and is still being reprinted). But this is not from those, this is from some of the magazines in which he published his series in the fifties. When I got a few I found out he did not inly do those famous stories of his, he also did covers, one-off gag strips and full page ads series for several products. here are a couple from my own collection. Three months of a monthly calendar he did in 1956 for a product called Althea. And one he did for Nestlé, which seems to have been one of his regular clients in the late fifties and early sixties (I just don't have that many of those magazines).

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