Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Journey Within

Sunday Meskin Measures.

If ever there ws an installment of George Roussos General Electric informational series that may reveal some assistance from Mort Meskin, it's this one. But I still have my doubts. So many people have stated that Meskin helped Roussos out on some of these books, that it has become a truth on it's own. But even here I can see only mininal traces of Meksin's style. And what I do see, couold just as well be Roussos mimicking Meskin's style - something he got better and better at as the fifties went on. Great book, though - and a prime example of it's genre.


Peter Huggan said...

Beautifully draw! The page rate must have been high for these. By the way, I found the ruins of the Oak Ridge U-235 plant Roussos drew on page ll on Google Maps. This plant cost $512 million to build in 1942, or $7 billion dollars in 2017 dollars!

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Did you take pictures?

Peter Huggan said...

this website has some interesting photos:
And the Atomic Plane mentioned on page 14 was a real thing...General Electric developed it in 1955-1960 but it was very dirty and essentially spewed radioactivity as it flew as well as exposed the pilot to very high levels of radioactivity.