Thursday, February 02, 2017

Who's The Vic, Flint?

Thursday Story Strip Day.

I have come across a lot of Vic Flint material over the years. It was the staple of one of the lower ranked syndicates, which was often sold together with a couple of other not really original of exciting features. Clipping and scanning these things takes a lot of time and Vic Flint never made the grade for me, especially the dailies, which take even more work. But some time ago I came across a longer run of dailes for a paper that collected every week on half a newspaper page. This allowed me to collected a longer run fairly easy, so at least now you canr read the story. Artisticly, it is not really exciting - sort of like a low rent Kerry Drake, which itself always seemed a low rent detective anyway. I do have a longer run of the late sixties Sunay for you, which was drawn by a very remarkable artist. I will share that assoon as I have scanned it.

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Smurfswacker said...

I rather liked this strip in its early days, when Ralph Lane was drawing it. Lane's art had that NEA/Roy Crane flavor. I'm not that fond of Dennis Miller's version. The stories were okay but they never stood out. Thanks for digging these up.