Wednesday, March 01, 2017

A Little Mystery A Day

Thursday Story Strip Day.

This weekend the fourth issue of the Dutch quarterly Stripglossy will come out. It will have a great new fantasy story written by my old friend Willem Ritstier, an article by me about Italian comedy great Benito Jacovitti and the fourth 12 page story of Llewelyn Fflint by Fred de Heij and myself. This time Llewellyn goes to a sceance...

We now have our first album done and I am working on an English language representation of the material to try and sell it abroad. Llewelyn Fflint is a detective story with fantastic overtones. The main character works as a librarian for the Briish Natural History Museum in 1882 and is a master at defeating the unknown with 'science'. The character and the world were based on a classic Dutch strip form the seventies, by Yvan Delporte and Peter van Straaten, who allowed us to continue and expand it.

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