Monday, March 13, 2017

Fun Enough

Monday Cartoon Day.

One thing I found in doing this blog: you can be so well known for one thing that whole other parts of your career get ignored because of it. Case in point: Henry Boltinoff was a prolific cartoonist from the early foties to the sixties at least. From early on, he was used by DC as the go to guy for fillers and funny pages. He became so associated with that that no one has even paid any attention to his career as a cartoonist. I have been scanning some of his work in magazines from the forties and fifties and came up with a lot of interesting finds, as well as a couple of insights into his work. First of all, even though he style may have seemed a bit old hat when he finally was dropped from DC's pages (sonn to be replaced with the much more modern Sergio Aragones), he was actually quite a funny cartoonist. I also found that he had a series of one page gag articles in Judge magazoine in the mid to late forties, which I will show at a later point. Here are just a couple of leftover cartoons from here and there, as well as a very telling page from Parade magazine.

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