Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Keane To Pun

Monday Cartoon Day.

Although I have shown quite a bit of cartoons by Bil Keane, I have stayed away from his most famous series, The Family Circus. The reason for that is I am not really a fan, and I find all his other work about twice as funny. Wth one exception: as a part of The Family Circus Sunday strip Keane often included a small section of puns, called Sideshow. These puns weresend in by reader and illustrated by Keane. There were two kinds: puns where the pun was in the way a word was written (a girl waering an earring shaped like a tennis racket with the words 'racket-earring' underneath) and the ones where the word is written normally, but the illustration fits the other meaning). I like the second type the best, so I have gather some of those to show to you here.

I have added a couple more since last week, by the way.

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joecab said...

Euthanasia! Yikes.

Keane incorporated puns often in Family Circus, usually when "Billy, age 6" was illustrating certain words and phrases while Keane took Father's Day off.