Sunday, March 12, 2017

Soft Spot

Friday Comic Book Day.

Eventhough I have become quite experienced at art spotting, there are always cases where it is difficult. Especially if you are dealing with artists who are so talented they can work in multiple styles. Here are three one pagers from Harvey romance titles, which stump me. There are traces of Lee Elias and I even see a hint of John Severin here and there. Some of my friends have suggested they might be the work of Warren Kremer, who was an artistic chameleon capable of anything. Although, on looking closer I think Howard Nostrand may have been involved as well (especially the last one of the three).

Some goes for this story, which looks like the work of Bernie Krigstein to me. And it's possible to, around the time this story was done, Krigstein did a story for on eof DC's war titles as well, so he was around. Still, it is not obviously his, as is the other story. It has been suggested the art is the work of Jerry Grandenetti instead. Another artistic chameleon, who very capably imitated Will Eisner on some of the later Dr. Drew stories and whose early DC work always looks like a cross between Joe Kubert and Carmine Infantino to me. What do you think?


Peter Huggan said...

The last panel on PAGE 2 of the Tomahawk story really looks like a drawing from one of those early 50's THE SPIRIT comics after Eisner had left the series for ghost artists. Jim Dixon was one of these artists at that time in the Eisner shop. Possibly he assisted Krigstein or inked it? Just a guess, but what do I know?

Peter Huggan said...

on second thought I think it is Jerry Grandenetti...maybe?

The Seditionist said...

My vote's Krigstein. His characters are kind of stiff in a way Grandenetti's aren't. And the rendering looks more Krigstein than Grandenetti.