Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Ghost From The Past

Friday Comic Book Day.

I have a good selection of Spirit sections in Fine condition. I have been scanning them carefully and sending the scans to the guys at the Digital Comics Museum. I use alot of their scans and it's my way of paying them back. They handle them and turn them into downloadable .cbz files which you can find here (mine as well as many more by other scanners): The nice thing about these scans is the fact that we are doing the whole Spirit section, which means they contain Lady Luck and Mr. Mystic as well. In this early sample you get an iconic Spirit story, with a story in a story and a special art technique to represent ghosts, Lady Luck probaby not yet by Klaus Norling and Mr. Mystic by Bob Powell. All good.

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Smurfswacker said...

"Lady Luck" is by Nick Cardy. His "NV" (Nicholas Viscardi) is in the last panel. Nice stuff...I've been following them as they appear at CB+. Those Powell Mr Mystic stories are amazing. Thanks for sharing these.