Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Jerry's Strip

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

Jerry Dumas was one of the funniest guys in comics. When he joined the Mort Walker team in the late fifties, al of his comics jumped ahead from 'quite good' to 'extraordinairyly good'. His arrival coincides with the change from a joke a day in Beetle Bailey and Hi and Lois to the more character driven approach. Pretty soon after that they also produced Mrs. Fitz' Flat, a purely character driven strip, for Frank Roberge. SO either they had a terrific chemestry or Dumas introduced a way of thinking that made the Walker strips the succes they were. And probably both. In the early sixties Walker and Dumas did Sam's Strip, a unique strip that ony ran for a short period but has been reprinted a couple of times. After many of Walker's assistants had gotten theor own strip through the efforts of the team, Dumas was allowed to fly solo with Sam and Silo in the late seventies. I had been gathering dailies for some time, when I recently got a long run of Sundays. Here are both. If you prefer color, scroll down to the bottom of the post. Oddly enough Sam and Silo was not as out and out funny as any of the joint ventures of the Waker team. It was even more character based than any of ther other products and the set of characters was more limited than ever.

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