Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tyger Force

Wednesday Illustration Day.

This may be more for my Dutch friends, but I guess my American followers will like this as well, even though they can't maybe place it as well. The Tjong-Khing is a Dutch illustrator who started his career at the Dutch Toonder Studios, doing newspaper strips in the illustrators style (personified by Stan Drake in his soap opera strip The Heart of Juliet Jones). He wasn't the only eurpoean artist working in this style. For Marion, he joined Dutch artist Jan Wesseling, although he very quickly injected his own sense of black and white. After thta he did Student Tijlloos, which was even ore impressive. After doing illustation work for a couple of years (from which the illustrations in this post are an example) he hit a temporarily high with Aram and Ilva, a spectacular daily science fiction strip with a soap opera bent. I should show you some of that one of these days. After Aram and Ilva, he turned to childrens book illustration, changed his style completely and became even more famous in Holland then he alredy was. He is now over eighty and still improving every year. An artist worth checking out.

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