Sunday, May 07, 2017


Saturday Leftover Day.

In the late sixties Terry Nation, the Dr. Who writer who invented the Deleks, tried to sell his creation as a spin-off series for American television. When that didn't succeed, he tried other venuws, such as a comics trip for th enew Britisch weekly TV-21 whic was primarily based around Gerry Anderson's creations such as Captain Scarlett and later the Thunderbirds. The Dr. Who-less stip ran in TV-21 for more than a year and I have gathered a long run, so I can share it here. Th unknown artist follows the BRistisch model of having black and white art with lots of painted colors. I will try and share all I have over the next few weeks. I think Dr. Who fans will like it.


Phil Rushton said...

The strip was drawn by Richard Jennings and written by David Whitaker (who was Script Editor for Doctor Who at the time as well as writing several major stories). Largely due to Whitaker's involvement many details about the Daleks that first appeared in the comic strip were later adopted by the TV series - the design of their 'flying saucer' spacecraft for example.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Thanks! I had never seen these and I love them.