Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Dutch Courage

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

So here is what I am spending my time with these days. I am writing the history of the Dutch weekly Eppo, which appeared from 1975 to 1998. In the early eighties, Wilbert Plijnaar was hired to find new talent and give the magazine a fresh new impulse. One of the things he did was create a new gag strip about a student who has to take care of his landlady's terrible brat to keep his room. Only a couple pages were made (I skipped two episodes in this collection, I see) but they are well remembered by the fans. Wilbert later went on to Hollywood to work for Disney, where he was responsible for the Goofy short where he installs a new television. After that he freelanced for several companies and became quite famous as a early development troubleshooter who often did long new sequences that were very funny. A great guy, with tremendous energy, a great sense of story and an unbelievable sense of humor.

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