Thursday, July 20, 2017

Summer Lovin' 3

Thursday Summer Special.

I am arriving in San Diego today. So instead of the usual post, I am giving you daily installments of Lawrence Lariar and John Spranger's Ben Friday. Tomorrow another one. Use the time to look for that favorite artist of yours among my scans (as you have been wanting to for the last few months).


Bill Griffith said...

I assume you've seen my Eisner Award-winning book "about" Lariar, "Invisible Ink".
-Bill Griffith

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Hi, Bill! Nice to see you here! I am such a fan. Sorry to see you didn't get inducted. Yes, I have seen (and enjoyed) your book. Not only that, I always bought the Fantagraphics enthologies of Zippy (talking up far too much space on my alredy packed shelves. I love them as I love the book. And don't tell anyone, but I a have about 75% of Lariar and Lou Fine's Liberty strip The Thropp Family and as soon as I have all of them I will either show them here or sell thm (cheaply) as pdf's. I love Lou Fine's work (you can find more of it following the links) and the story is quite good as well (with similarities to the later Bantam Prince). Thirdly, I'd like to direct you to my Winnie Winkle scans here, which are all from the period Perry Winkle was dropped as the main character of the Sunday and replaced by a pinhead. Did you see those when you were younger?