Thursday, July 06, 2017


Wednesday Advertising Day.

Making Behaving Madly (my new book on Mad magazine imitations) took a lot of decisions, both by me and by Craig Yoe. In the end I often don't even know any more who decided to take what out o leave what in. Leaving through my comp copy I saw that a close-up of a panel from a story by Howard Nostrand in Panic #3 was left out at the last moment. The panel itself can be seen in the whole reprint in the 'horror' section. Underneath that story I have stated that the stroy itself was written by Jerry Siegel. The commentary with this panel would have explained why I think that it is written by Siegel. Not only did he write a lot for these magazine and is mentioned in many mastheads, but as you can see Howard Nostrand did a little shout-out to his writer (I guess) by adding a certain superhero to the running crowd - changing his customary emblem from a simple S to JS... the initials of Jerry Siegel! So there you see, there is not a single line in this book that doesn't involve several layers of thinking, research, double-checking and rethinking.

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