Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Adventures of Tom Scheuer

Wednesday Advertising Day.

Recently I found out that former Timely Atlas and Johnstone and Cushing artist Tom Scheuer has written a biography. After he years as a commercial artist he worked as a ghost for several artists. Changing his name to the way it was spelled, Tom Sawyer. He went on to write for television and eventually became the headwriter of the longrunning detective series Murder She Wrote. Since I am a television writer, this biography is a double treat for me. I have placed a link to Amazon to the right. To go with that I have two samples of advertising strips, that I think are his. Fans of comic strips will see that he was a great influence on Neal Adams, or rther that Neal Adams took what he and others had done in the illustrator's style and morphed it into something even more gripping. The ad under that is a lot erlier and probably by Elmer Wexler, another Johnstone and Cushing employee, who did a lot of work in this style. All three of them are represented on this blog with lots more, if you follow the link.

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Allan Holtz said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Ger! Just ordered it, and can't wait to see what Tom has to say about his interesting career.

--Allan Holtz