Saturday, September 16, 2017

A Hell Of A Story

Saturday Leftover Day.

Continuing my run of fun horror stories from the Stan Lee edited Timely/Atlas books in the early fifties, here is another masterpiece by one of my favorite artists. I have collected as many of Jerry Robinson's stories for Stan Lee as I can. Looking back on them, they are pretty neat. But we don't see how many years ahead of the crowd he was, because many of his innovations were taken aboard by the next generation of artists (many of which took his evening classes in comic book art). This story, like the ones I showed last week, has a couple of features that make it a candidate to have been written by Stan Lee. First of all there is the fact that Jerry Robinson does not seem to have written any of his own assignments. He often worked with Stan Lee, who only chose the best storytellers for his contributions. Secondly, there is the use of 'thru' instead of 'thru', which despite my having mentioned it two times in two weeks, is actually a very rare this. Stan was not the only writer doing that, but he was also the only one never to NOT do it. Secondly, again we have a seven page story, where Stan only gave other writers six. And it uses the devil, which is one of Stan's favorite and most used character in all his horror stories. Sadly, like last week, I could not find a 'paper trail' of job numbers clinching the attribution.

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