Saturday, September 30, 2017

Circular Economy

Friday Comic Book Day.

On the Digital Comic Museum they offered this promotional comic from the mid fifties. No artist mentioned but it looks like the work of Leonard Starr (Marie Perkins on Stage) inked by Stan Drake (Heart of Julia Jones). I am showing it here so the folks at the Leonard Starr Facebook page have a look at it and comment.


comicstripfan said...

Can you elaborate why you think this is a Leonard Starr-Stan Drake artistic collaboration as you suggest - is there some other work for comparison where the evidence is compelling or clearly identified? As you know Kelly Green (which I have not viewed) is a recently published example of their teamwork, however it's described as written by Starr and "rendered" (not just inked) by Drake.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Yes, of course. In this case it is simply the look of both seperate disciplines. I see Drake's inking style in most of the faces, for instance the guys on page six and 8. Leonard Starr's figures are easier to spot. The guy with the sandwich on page 16 has that extra line on the right side of his face many artists don't show. His attitude on page 5 screams Starr to me as well. As for the inking, another suspect around this period would be John Prentice, who shared a studio with Starr. But by that time he already had a very recognisable style of his own. Another chameleon working at this time was Alex Kotzky, but somehow I find his style flashier than this. I did not compare to Kelly Green (which I know from it's original publication in Tintin magazine). But this sort of thing remains guesswork - I invite other opinions.

comicstripfan said...

Very interesting - thanks for your analysis!