Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Kid's Stuff

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

Because it was used in the magazine I used to read as a kid (the Dutch weekly Pep) I have a soft spot for Nubbin and it's artist George Crenshaw. And I like the duck too.


DwWashburn said...

I grew up in rural Tennessee and our local paper carried Nubbin. It was my favorite strip. I liked the shade tree garage where Nubbin worked / played and the fancy "pedal" car that Twink had.

Sure wish I could find a compilation of these strips. May I ask how did you find these?

About seven years ago I won an auction lot that contained about 60 original art strips from the later Nubbin strip. The art was in various degrees of condition but was fun to look at and remember.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

These samples were all taken from an online microfiche newspaper source. A particulary good one. I think it was the free (but very hard to navigate Fulton History page).

DwWashburn said...

They are great. Glad to see some of Nubbin being posted. It was a fun read. Kind of like a countryfid Peanuts.