Friday, September 22, 2017

Mel Brooks Would Have Been Proud

Friday Comic Book day.

Sam Kweskin is best remembered for his moving and sensitive portrayal of concentration camp horrors in City of Slaves in Battle Field #9 (1953), but here he shows a less serious side of his talent in a fun story about Hitler, the devil and other dictators. There are some people who find humor the opposite of seriousness, but for me they are two sides of the same coin and this funny send-up of De Führer expresses just as much emotion as the somber images of prisoners behind a barb wire fence. The anti-communist twist is a bit much, but very telling for it's time and it is all done tongue in cheek anyway. The real hero here is Sam Kweskin's art, as far as I am concerned and it it yet another sample of how Comics Can be Fun. And may I remind you that all of the samples used so far come from two simple issues of one title, Adventures Into Weird Worlds.

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