Monday, October 09, 2017

Ve Haf Vays To Make You Laff

Monday Cartoon Day.

MOnday Cartoon Day.

In making Behaving Maly we had so much material from all of the Mad magazine imitations that we were relieved when we decided not to use any pages from the first 15 issues of Cracked or the first 60 or so issues of Sick. Not that they were not worthy of inclusion. But both magazines appeared quite late and evolved into a more juvenile and watered down version of Mad itself. And both magazines had so much great material that they deserve a book of their own. I understand some people are working on a Cracked reprint book and also that Jim Simon (son of Sick's originator and editor for the first 60 issues, Joe Simon) would like to do a Sick volume himself. Well, if he wants my help, he can have it. To whet your apetite, here is a little something from Sick Vol 3 #3 by Jack Davis (who is also on the cover of that issue and does 15 pages in total). Written by Dee Caruso, this is a mini version of a very popular thing in the early fifties, the satirical coloring book. Mort Druck did a few of them and some other people as well. In fact, Jack Davis and Dee Caruso's coloring book can be seen as a spoof of the already satirical Kennedy coloring book Mort Drucker did.

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