Sunday, November 05, 2017

Star Material

Sunday Meskin Mesaures.

Taking a break from our regular run of Black Magic, I came across another Mort Meskin series I never realized was out there. I probably should have, because they are on the Mort Meskin checklist at, not only the two that are signed, but also the two that aren't. I have put them togetehr here. The first one is credited to Meskin, Burnley and Roussos and that seems right to me. In fact, you don't see evidence of Meskins hand until the end of the story.

At the end you will find another page I may be by Meskin and which is not noted. I will explain there.

This last page is a service ad I found in Detective Comics #87. Although it features stuff that Mort Meskin didn't draw a lot (like Batman! and kids) there is a skewing of the head that reminds me of is work.Of course, the kids almost all look as if they were draw by Irwin Hasen twenty years later.

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