Friday, November 17, 2017

Tell Them Pat Sent You

Wednesday Advertising Day.

Over the years I have shown various comic strip ads from the Sunday papers by Lou Fine. I realy like his slick style and it works very well with adventurous strips such as the Sam Spade/Charlie Wild series for Wildroot. But he also had a lighter side, which shows ncely in the less traditional Going To Town series. I am not quite sure what it advertises, supposedly by House Beautiful Magazine columnist Pat Guinan, altough I could never find proof of that. In fact it is a collection of small ads in the disguise of buying tips'. On eof the most frequent items advertosed is The American Weekly and apart from that I see a lot of Proctor and Gamble products. The attraction of these ads to me is the fatc that Lou Fine was asked to draw many different vignettes for them. The color samples I scanned this week all came from the back of another strip and were cut in such a way that I had to drop two panels to make them look a bit more attractive. In the black and white samples you can see the original format.

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