Saturday, December 02, 2017

Free Sample

Wednesday Advertising Day.

If you are still looking for something to give to that special friend who liked detective stories, you could go and buy the first album of the comic strip Fred de heij I did for the Dutch quarterly StripGlossy. Llewellyn Fflint is a librarian at the National History Museum in London in 1882, who solves mysterious cases using pseudoscience. It is based on a classic (but very shortlived) Dutch strip by Yvan Delporte nd Peter van Straaten, which I revived because I thought the character and his world was just fascinating. The first album is available in Dutch shops, bot physical and online.

And it's in Dutch, of course. Here is the first story in English, which I prepared to sell the strip abroad. If you know of a magazine or publisher I should try, please tell me below. I write the strip in English and translate it to Dutch when it is drawn. Still, i it ever is published in the UK or the US, a native speaker will have to have a look at it as well.

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