Friday, December 15, 2017

Stan The Artist Man

Wednesday Advertising Day.

Today I have another ad for myself, but I am guessing you'll like it too.

Today Twomorrows published Roy Thomas' Alter Ego #150, which has a 32 page cover article by me about Stan Lee's efforts to get out of comics. You can get your copy through your comics store or get a subscription at the Twomorrows website, which I highly recommend. If you just wan to see my article, you can also get a single issue download for next to nothing. It is a great article, with lots of new finds and new illustrations. And still, Raoy was not able to use all of my ilustrations that's how many I had. One of the bigger finds was a third selfpublished boo by Stan Lee, which was supposed to have come out in 1962 and was copyrighted in 1961. I found it by using Stan's real name at that time Stanley Lieber. And when I had the name, I was able to find a library that had a copy. I still don't know if they have an actual published copy or is they have Stan's own proof which may or may not have been pulled at the last moment - when Spiderman and the Fantastic Four turned out to be a success. In the article Roy shows the first page of this book, but that way you don't get to see that Stan himself actually did all the drawings for the book. He draw his own work in the army as well, but here it didn't really matter because the subject of the book was doodles... if it was published, no one has either bought or saved it and it has not been seen until I (and fellow researcher J. Mast, who stumbled upon it just after me) came across it.


Britt Reid said...

Congrats on getting the cover-featured article!

Is the cover a Joe Sinnott recreation of the 1975 Marvel Comics Convention poster or a digitally-manipulated scan of the printed poster?
I note both Conan and Doc Savage (who had Marvel titles in 1975) are not on the cover, but are on the original poster!

Ger Apeldoorn said...

I don't know yet, Brett. I haven't seen the full issue yet. Roy uusally credits these things correctly.